Message from the CEO Regarding the Areshomeng Code of Conduct

Areshomeng’s higher purpose as a company is to uplift the quality life of all South Africans through infrastructure, employment, development opportunities and social investment. As an organization, we strive for excellence across all levels and divisions of our company. We strive to deliver world class quality service to all our clients and stakeholders. 

 We are committed to compliance with the highest integrity standards as outlined in our code of conduct. Integrity is a part of our DNA and guides our behavior beyond compliance with law and regulation. This is the competitive edge that positions us as the company of choice for most clients. It must drive us to make the ethical choice when faced with any decision. Our management team is consistently encouraged to instill these values into all employees as part of our company culture.

Through strategic utilization of resources, we aim to create a culture that is employee driven, performance focused and efficient. Our spirit as a company encapsulates the values of Ubuntu and Respect for all stakeholders we come into contact with. We care deeply about the communities in which we operate. Our sustainability strategy is driven by a commitment to evidence based programming that deliver measurable and impactful outcomes. 

Thank you for your continued support of A Re Shomeng we look forward to growing and learning as we walk this journey side by side with all our partners and supporters. 

Joey Masekwameng
Chief Executive Officer
Areshomeng Holdings


A Re Shomeng is committed to the occupational health and safety of its employees, as well as the environment within which it operates. It incorporates all occupational health, safety and environmental legal requirements into its management systems and has developed, implemented and maintains a risk-based occupational health, safety and environmental management system.

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